Peri & Sons Farms’ famous white onions, also known as Nevada Whites, are truly like no other. These hearty white onions were the first crop that David Peri planted when he started Peri & Sons Farms in Yerington, Nevada back in 1979. Now, decades later, David’s Nevada Whites are still highly sought after because whether you’re selling onions or cooking with onions, they are the very best.
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“I just bought your organic onions from HEB, and I had to take a minute to tell you these are the most beautiful, freshest, delicious onions I’ve ever seen, or tasted in my life! Whatever y’all are doing, you’ve got it right! Everyone should have the opportunity to have your onions. They are truly like nothing on the market. THANK YOU FOR A TRULY GREAT PRODUCT!” -- Debbie R., Food Works Catering

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We are diligently working to maximize resource productivity and sustainability. By utilizing the best available technology, advanced engineering and improved production methods, fewer resources are required to produce our products.

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White Onions -- Uncommonly Delicious
  • Whites are amazingly flavorful without any bitter aftertaste
  • White onions natural sugars cook and caramelize beautifully
  • White onions’ purity and simplicity aligns with clean-eating movements
  • White onions are prebiotic and aid digestion boosting beneficial gut bacteria
  • Step out of the yellow onion rut―it’s not your same old onion
  • White onions allow you to custom-design the flavor of your meals

Whites Used Many Ways
  • White onions are perfect for today’s healthy food trends such as:
    Clean-Eating • Power Bowls • Instant Pot • Vegetarian • Mediterranean • Indian
  • Revitalize favorite old recipes by substituting white onion

White onions have traditionally been the onion–of–choice for classic Hispanic and Southwestern cuisine but their popularity is growing. Their clean, tangy flavor, with little-to-no aftertaste compliments all kinds of dishes including stir-fry, noodle bowls, power bowls, instant pot, salads and so much more.
Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers
Peri & Sons Farms
Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers
Tacos al Pastor
Peri & Sons Farms
Tacos al Pastor
Quinoa & White Onion Fiesta Salad
Peri & Sons Farms
Quinoa & White Onion Fiesta Salad

Since 1999, Peri & Sons Farms has put a considerable amount of time and resources into creating a company-wide, top-to-bottom,


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