In addition to being beautiful, our Nevada WhitesTM are full of flavor and surprisingly, they generally taste sweeter than most Spanish yellow onions. The unique climate of the Mason Valley, with its warm dry days and crisp clear nights, helps to give our onions their unique pearlescent coloring, globe shape and firm feel. Nowhere else do white onions grow like ours do here.
Our heritage of earth-friendly farming and land stewardship spans back three generations. Even in the early days of establishing Peri & Sons Farms, David Peri understood that the livelihood of the business, and of those who depended on the success of his business, was directly tied to the health and well-being of the environment.

We strive to continually improve efficiency in every aspect of our business. While we consider ourselves caretakers of the land, just as importantly, we understand the importance of taking care of our people. In addition to becoming a cleaner, more efficient and environment-friendly farm, we proudly provide programs designed to enhance worker welfare and wellbeing.

Sustainability Mission Statement

We are committed to growing good things with integrity by embedding sustainable principles and practices into everything we do. We strive to cultivate the highest environmental and ethical leadership standards as we foster our efforts and are mindful of vital resources for future needs.

“God bless you for keeping your family heritage alive. I discovered your onions from “Fresh Thyme”, a new grocery store in Mishawaka, Indiana. Looking forward to hearing from you each month.” -- N. Yohe
Our technology and experience enables us to size and sort faster and with more accuracy, which means we can more efficiently pack the right size and variety of onions to meet our customer’s needs.
Onion Sizing Guide
David Peri
Growing Better in Every Way, Every Day.
White onions were the first crop that David Peri planted when he started Peri & Sons Farms. Now, 40 years later, David’s Nevada WhitesTM are a highly sought-after onion in the produce industry. David believes that the unique conditions in Yerington, Nevada -- our warm, dry days and crisp, clear nights -- help to give our onions their unique pearlescent coloring, globe shape and firm feel.

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It took years of hard work, planning and preparation for Peri & Sons Farms became the first domestic, onion farming operation to achieve the Sustainably Grown certification from SCS Global Services (SCS). The certification, issued in January 2016, by SCS in accordance with the producer requirements of its Sustainably Grown standard, meets some of the world’s highest environmental, social and economic criteria. Achieving the certification through a stringent third-party audit requires an unwavering, company-wide commitment to the mission. We continue to uphold this important certification today.

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Certified Sustainably grown by SCS Global Services
Year-after-year since 2006 our onions have been Certified USDA Organic by Organic Certifiers -- https://organiccertifiers.com. Peri & Sons Farms ORGANIC white onions continually meet, or even exceed, National Organic Program standards in accordance with the USDA’s and the EU’s strict government standards, procedures and regulations.

Packed with flavor and nutritional value, our organic onions also provide peace–of–mind in knowing they are domestically grown and not imported from countries with little-to-no organic standards.
Certified USDA Organic
At Peri & Sons Farms we take immense pride in being able to state that all of our onions, including our Nevada White Onions, are Non-Genetically Modified (GMO). We are a NO GMO farm operation. Our SCS Sustainable Farm certification ensures that no GMO products are involved in any way in our farming operation.

GMO foods/crops are ones that have had specific changes introduced in their DNA, using the methods of genetic engineering and which cannot occur naturally. In recent years GMO foods have become a popular topic of discussion and debate. As a family-owned company we totally understand these concerns and the need to know more.
No GMO Farm
We understand that growing fresh produce comes with enormous social responsibility and we take that very seriously -- from the very top of the company on down.

To meet this responsibility, we have a food-safety department dedicated to upholding the SCS Global Services Certification process which entails following a rigorous protocol for growing produce in a natural, clean, safe and responsible way. GFSI/GLOBAL G.A.P. certification--a level of certification not many farms are able to achieve--allows us to sell anywhere in the world and it ensures a daily practice of specific hygiene is followed.

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